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If today’s youth wait until college to start examining their beliefs about the world and its interconnections, the cause is lost. Tomorrow’s leaders will be challenged to formulate what former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev calls “the new thinking,” a philosophy and methodology of bold and innovative approaches toward world affairs—in effect, an entirely new conceptual vision of the future.

It was in this spirit of a “new conceptual vision of the future” that “Culver @ the UN" was born. The program’s mission is to give Culver students the unprecedented opportunity to go directly to the heart of the international community and interact with leaders from throughout the world.
Under the direction of the Global Studies Institute, Culver students may design a “global studies” project; make arrangements to meet with relevant UN officials; and schedule appoint-ments at UN diplomatic missions. Students then spend several days in New York—interacting, reading, listening, and learning. Upon return to Culver, a formal presentation is made to the Global Studies Institute, and a report submitted to Culver’s e-cannon, the school’s online newsletter. Some students may even use this opportunity to supplement an on-going Global Studies “honors” project.

The program’s inaugural visit to the UN was in February of 2003, on the eve of the war in Iraq. Four students designed a project called—“US Policy Towards Iraq—An International View,” and spent several days in the United Nations community. The agenda included a meeting with UN Disarmament Chief Michael Cassandra, followed by private appointments at the diplomatic missions of Costa Rica, Germany, Nigeria, and Iran, where they interviewed either the Ambassador or Deputy Ambassador.  The Global Studies Institute has visited the following diplomatic missions and met with the Ambassador or Deputy Ambassador in his office. Small groups of 3 or 4 are recommended per visit.

Republic of Argentina
Republic of Cuba
Federal Repbulic of Germany
Hellenic Republic of Greece
Republic of India
Republic of Ireland
Libyan Arab Republic
Republic of Lithuania
Republic of Malawi
Federation of Malaysia
United States of Mexico Republic of Mozambique Union of Myanmar (Burma)
New Zealand
Republic of Iraq    Republic of Nicaragua
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Republic of Portugal
Syrian Arab Republic
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Republic of Tunisia
Republic of Slovenia
DPR of Korea
Republic of Korea
Islamic Republic of Iran
Republic of Uruguay
Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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