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Academic rigor and curricular accountability will be the benchmark of the Global Studies Curriculum. Beginning in the fall of 2008, Culver students with a strong interest and aptitude in international affairs may declare an academic Concentration in global studies.

To graduate with a Concentration in Global Studies, a student must successfully complete: 1) the Honors Program in Global Studies; 2) participation in the GSI seminars series ; and 3) selected elective course work in global studies.
Honors in Global Studies-the Global Studies Honors program is for seniors/first classmen (and extraordinary juniors/second classmen) who have demonstrated exceptional ability and interest in global studies and who are willing to pursue a higher level of achievement through independent study under the guidance of the Global Studies Institute and a faculty advisor. See the Global Studies Institute for further details.
Active participation in the GSI seminar series
Elective Course Work—(to be introduced in school year 2008-2009). The following elective courses would be offered to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in consultation with the Global Studies Institute and the student’s faculty advisor.
Understanding the Global Economy - This course would serve as an introduction to economics for the aspiring global entrepreneur. Thomas Friedman’s “The Lexus and the Olive Tree” will serve as text. Supplementary readings would include the Wall Street Journal and Barrons. Lectures, discussions, and readings will be supplemented by video-conferencing sessions with international bankers, stock and bond traders, venture capitalists, etc., in Chicago, New York, and London.

Grand Strategies - This elective would provide a look at the formulation and implementation of the strategic thinking of corporate leaders; foreign policy analysts; political leaders; central bankers; and investment houses as they compete in the global marketplace, as well as provide a historical overview of the strategic thinking of previous generations.

The United Nations and the World Community - This elective course would feature an in-depth history and analysis of the United Nations, with Linda Fasulo’s widely acclaimed book, “Understanding the United Nations” as text. Lectures, discussions, and readings would be supplemented by video-conferencing sessions with diplomats from around the world.

The World According to the New York Times - The New York Times would serve as “text” for this elective course which would feature a daily analysis of contemporary political, economic, and military affairs. In addition to reading the New York Times each day, students would video-conference with prominent journalists and opinion makers.

Political Geography - This introduction to the politics of the nation-state, and the dynamics of interstate and intra-state relations, would focus on the role of race, ethnicity, religion, history, and culture in international geography in the 21st century.

International Relations - This introductory course acquaints students with the theory and contemporary history of global politics from an international relations perspective. It provides an overview of the problems of conflict and cooperation among sovereign states and the search for peace in a changing world.

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