Educational/Cultural/Course (1/2 Humanities Credit)

March 18 – March 29, 2016

Students who participate in the educational and cultural immersion class in Spoleto, Italy will experience the world of the Renaissance city in situ while examining its origins and outcomes. We will observe not only how this community defined itself (through architecture, art, literature, and the philosophy of humanism); but also how it continues to underlie and define the modern communities that built upon it.

Students will live in and explore cities that defined the Renaissance and modern world of Italy. Living in a 15th century (but still active) convent and taking meals at a local family restaurant, students will learn some Italian, participate in a language exchange with a local school; and explore the cities of Spoleto, Rome, Assisi, Orvieto, Urbino, and Siena/Florence in order to experience the rich mix of history, culture, arts, religion and language in a way that aims for immersion in Italy, past and present.

In this two‐week interdisciplinary Humanities course, starting with the Renaissance understanding of humanism and the dictum "Man is the measure of all things", students will explore the relation between city and individual by studying and experiencing the sites, architecture, art, philosophy, and history of the Renaissance world. Students will use the cities visited as their classrooms, also preparing and presenting reports on the sites visited.

Because this trip is an educational and cultural immersion experience, ½ Humanities credit will be awarded for successful participation and final grades will be based on a combination of critical thinking, openness to new experiences, adherence to course and trip goals, and good citizenship.

PLEASE NOTE: international students who require a special visa to enter Italy will not be eligible for this trip.

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Estimated cost $3,500

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