Challenge Course

The Culver Challenge Course is an innovative, dynamic workshop of discovery and development. The challenge experience lays the foundational skills necessary for each member of your group to become an effective, contributing component of an energetic team. Both on and off-site programs utilize a combination of physical and mental problem-solving activities that encourage participants to build communication and trust within the group, and to think outside the box.

Programs are also designed to highlight individual strengths, and show how those strengths affect the team dynamic. Using a series of experiential-based activities, Culver's facilitators will help guide your team in identifying and confronting their personal and group limitations.


The Culver Challenge Course learning objectives include:

  • Fostering experimentation and risk-taking
  • Appreciating diversity in ideas and people
  • Brain-storming
  • Encouraging trial-and-error methods in a safe environment
  • Increasing leadership effectiveness
  • Planning and brainstorming
  • Freely expressing opinions and feelings
  • Nurturing creativity


The Culver Challenge Course also allows your group to enjoy the day in an active, fun, and exciting atmosphere, giving them the chance to become closer with colleagues in an unfamiliar environment.


Flexible Programs and State-of-the-Art Facilities:

The flexibility of the program allows you to craft an experience that will suit your group needs, whether it is a half-day experience or a multi-day adventure/retreat for all ages and physical abilities.

The Culver Challenge Course sits on two beautiful, heavily wooded sites. The course locations are remote enough to allow the group to focus on its task while enjoying peaceful surroundings, but are close enough for group members to visit the historic Culver Academy campus and Lake Maxinkuckee.

Housing options are available both on and off campus, along with a full range of dining options. Conference space with Internet access is also available on the Culver Academies campus.

During your off-hours, there are a variety of recreational activities available including a fully-equipped fitness center, indoor and outdoor running tracks, 9-hole golf course, indoor swimming pool, ice rink, three basketball courts, and outdoor tennis courts. Plus, there is Lake Maxinkuckee, the second-largest natural lake in Indiana. (Note: some activities may not available due to Culver athletic teams, or the time of year).


Low Ropes Course

Our two Low Ropes Courses are located in serene settings so the group can focus on each other and maintain maximum safety. Certain low course elements can be moved inside in case of inclement weather or if you would like to schedule a winter retreat. With well over 20 low elements, your group will make many discoveries on your journey together!


High Ropes Course

The flagship of our high courses is definitely the Double Decker High Course. With 16 elements and 2 zip wires, participants have the freedom to choose a path based upon their personal levels of comfort. The size and structure of the course allows for participants to confront their fears together, in an unforgettable group experience, Elements are attached to Utility Poles, cables, lumber and ropes between 15 and 40 feet off the ground.

Culver also has a 50 ft. Climbing Tower with zip wire, a Pamper Pole, Flying Squirrel and Crate Climb as options for your group's teambuilding retreat.


...or let us come to you!

The Culver Challenge Course can also be brought to your location. Many of our low course and problem-solving programs travel easily. If you are interested in having a challenge workshop done in conjunction with a retreat, a program can be designed to fit your agenda.

  • The off-site program can include:
  • Setting goals and improving group processes
  • Catalyzing and energizing group efforts
  • Getting your staff/team to think outside the box
  • Encouraging people to freely express their opinions
  • Highlighting individual strengths of each group member


Building Strengths, Resilience and Relationships (optional)

Groups have an opportunity to participate in additional strengths-based learning as they navigate the Culver Challenge Course program. The SMART Strengths program is designed to help develop a common strengths language in your organization's culture; support participants in understanding the power of optimistic and pessimistic explanatory styles, and analyzing the positive core of your organization.


  • Building Strengths: Participants will learn how they can identify and activate their own strengths and the unique gifts of their students to help each other capitalize on their assets in school. We share how strengths offer the first pathway to greater engagement, achievement, and well-being. We will do this through a practical examination of the acronym S-M-A-R-T to structure the learning format – spotting, managing, advocating, relating and training strengths.
  • Building Resilience: Focuses on how resil¬ience is more than just the ability to bounce back from adversity; it is also the capacity to bounce forward in the presence of opportunity. We focus on developing clear-eyed, positive mindsets, and springy resilience in groups and provide practice skill-based activities to help individual achieve more flexible and accurate thinking.
  • Building Relationships: Bridges the connection between strengths, resilience, and relationships. We provide tools to develop healthy relationships for mobilizing and building the high quality interpersonal connections among adults and students that support engagement and accomplishment.
  • Culver Challenge Course programs require a minimum of 8 participants.
  • High ropes courses may include Double Decker with Zip, 50 ft. Tower with Zip, Pamper Pole, Flying Squirrel.
  • Participants must be at least 13 years of age.
  • All Challenge Course Programs, staff and facilities meet or exceed standards set by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and the American Camp Association.

The Culver Challenge Course is facilitated by uLEAD, Inc. For additional information or to schedule your program, please contact uLEAD at (574) 696-1085 or


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