Clubs are non-academic groups whose purpose is to provide for students’ and faculty/staffs’ special interests and hobbies. Meetings and functions are not held during the academic day. Membership is open to all interested. Below are the 2015-2016 Clubs and Organizations with adult sponsor contacts. If your club does not have a desctription, please contact the adult sponsor for further information. 


See club descriptions here. 

4-Gun DrillSgt. Plonski
A capella Mr. Sherck
Athletic Trainers Mr. Fought, Mr. Cowell, Ms. Darcy
Badminton Club Mr. Tulungen
Beason Board Mrs. Talbot
Bible Study Mr. Schumerth
BLACK -Black Lives Achieve Cultural
Mr. Hayes, Mr. Fetuga
Boy Scouts Troop 209 Col. Foersch, Mr. Dilts
Boys Volleyball Club Mr. Ericson
CAB - Campus Activity Board Mrs. Talbot
Ceramics Club Ms. Ball
CGA Drill Team Mrs. Krou
Chess Club Mr. Tulungen
Chinese Culture Club Mrs. Schultz
Community Service Club Mrs. Kelley
Computer Club Mr. Basner
Culinary Club Mr. Surrisi
Culver Pipe and Drums Mr. Van Norman
Culver Science Alliance Ms. Simon
CYCO Mrs. McKinnis
Dance Club Mr. Master
DECA - Distributive Educational Clubs of
Mr. Kurrelmeier
Docent Corps (Visual Arts) Ms. Ball
Dungeons and Dragons Club Mr. Sherck
Equestriennes Team Ms. Kranich, Dean Rasch
Fishing Club Mr. Heckaman, Mr. Dilts
Flying Club Capt. Greene
French Club Ms. Ragsdale
German Club Ms. Mangones
GPS - Global Pathways Spring Program Dean Rasch
Global Studies Institute (GSI) Mr. Bruggeln
Green Life Mr. March, Mr. Kline
Honor Guard Sgt. Trefren
Human Rights Council Ms. Einhorn
Lancer Band Maj. Browne
Lancer Platoon Mr. Waller
Junior Classical League Latin Club Mr. Wight
LCA - Leadership Committee for
Ms. Fulton, Mrs. McKinnis
Living History Mr. Van Norman
Math Forum Mr. Farmer
Model UN Ms. Einhorn
Peer Coaching Mrs. Youngen
Performer's Society Ms. Allen Lynch
PCC - Performing, Caring,
Maj. Browne
Photoworks Ms. Ball
Ping Pong Club Mr. Tulungen
Pop Culture Club Ms. Ball
Powerlifting Club Mr. Basner
Protestant Praise Band Ms. King
Quizbowl Mrs. Coil-Sherck
Relay for Life Mrs. Foersch
Robotics Club Mr. Lawrence
Roll Call Mr. Hargraves
SNAP - Special Needs Awareness
Mr. Cowell, Ms. Bennett
Sin Fornteras Ms. Dilorenzo
Skeet/Trap Club Mr. March, Mr. Little, Mr. Hinton
Speech Team Mr. Barnes, Ms. Fulton
Stamp Club Mrs. Babcock
SAO - Student Ambassadors Organization Ms. Allen
Teens in Christ Mrs. Foersch
The Quill Mrs. Battersby, Ms. Frazier
Theater Tech Mrs. Coven, Mr. Coven
Drama Club Mrs. Coven, Mr. Coven
Usher Corps Mrs. Coven, Mr. Coven
Vedette Mrs. Battersby
Youth Group Ms. King

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