Clubs are non-academic groups whose purpose is to provide for students’ and faculty/staffs’ special interests and hobbies. Meetings and functions are not held during the academic day. Membership is open to all interested. For further information contact the student or adult sponsor listed below.


2013-2014 Clubs with Student and Adult Contacts


Aviation Club Badminton Club Bible Study
Faculty: CAPT. Greene, Cindy Kilduff Mr. Tulungen Mr. Schumerth, Mr. Chastain
Students: Austin Kilduff, Dimitri Veleris, W.Dennen
Boy Scouts Formerly Cadence/A Cappella Campus Life Club
Faculty: Col. Foersch, Mr. Spenner Mr. Sherck Mr. Drake
Students: Nathanial Misra Kechen Ding, Hayne Bae Joshua Drake
CGA Drill Team Chinese Club Community Service Council
Faculty: Mrs. Krou Mrs. Schultz, Ms. Weinchen Shen Mrs. Kelley
Students: Christine Beckmann, Jinwen Liao Jingwin Liao Rory Byrne, Rachel Simon
Computer Club Culver Fitness Club  Culver Pipe & Drums
Faculty: Mr. Milbury Mr. Quella Mr. Van Norman
Students: Kira Master, Lucy Battersby Quentin Haley
Culver Science Alliance  Culver Youth Inspire Fleet Garden 
Faculty: Dr. Goduti Mr. Danti Mrs. Barnes 
Studetns: Karen Zhu Emily Hernandez Gabri Switaj
French Club Green Life Human Rights Council
Faculty: Ms. Roush Mr. March Ms. Einhorn
Students: Yen-Yen Gao Jemima Wynn, Rowan Farrell, Katie Salerni Erin Thomas
Blog: Sustainability at Culver
Junior States of America LCA Living History
Faculty: Mr. Myers Ms. Fulton, Mrs. McKinnis Mr. Van Norman
Students: John VanDuyn, Erin Thomas Hannah Buggeln, Caroline Pepper
Math Forum Model UN Paintball Club
Faculty: Mr. Counts, Mr. Wallis Ms. Einhorn Mr. Fought, Mr. Tompos
Students: Erin Thomas, Bella Lee, Jennah Janney Nate Browne, Santi Aguirre
Performing, Caring, Collaborating Ping Pong Club Praise Band
Faculty: Maj. Browne Mr. Schumerth, Mr. Tulungen Mr. DuVal
Students: Olivia Martinez, Alex Jeffers
Protestant Youth Group Real Talk Relay For Life
Faculty: Mr. DuVal Mr. DuVal Ms. Sheppard
Robotics Club Roll Call Seeds Of Hope Youth Ambassadors
Faculty: Mr. Lawerence, Mrs. Standfast Mr. Hargraves Dr. Buggeln
Students: Muriel Weathers Emily Hernandez, Jason (Chi-Shen) Chan Hayne Bae
Sin Fronteras Skeet/Trap Club S.N.A.P (Special Needs Awarness Program
Faculty: Ms. Dilorenzo, Ms. Ragsdale Mr. Hinton Mr. Neer, Mr. Cowel
Students: Ricardo Segovia, Rowan Farrell Winston Olson, Jackie Pentecost Mr. Neer, Mr. Cowel
Stamp Club Student Ambassadors Organization Teens in Christ
Faculty: Mr. Babcock Mrs. Badalich Mrs. Foersch
Students: Eden Brackenbury, John VanDuyn
The Culver Baking Club The Perfomer's Society Photoworks
Faculty: Mr. Surrisi Ms. Allen Lynch, Mr. Weirich Bill Hargraves/Bob Nowalk
Students: Yen-Yen Gao, Maureen Reed Erin Thomas Jason Chan
The Quill The Young Ladies Society Thespian Society
Faculty: Mrs. Battersby Dr. Erwin Mr and Mrs. Coven
Students: May Nguyen, Skylar Thomas Hannah Buggeln, Dana Brown
Vedette Venture Club
Faculty: Mr. Eaton Mr. Spenner




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