Scouting at Culver

The scouting program at Culver was initiated with the vision of allowing cadets to earn their Eagle Scout rank while attending Culver. Many are taking advantage of this opportunity. We also have a Venturing Crew open to both young men and women interested in high adventure, skill building, leadership, community service, and outdoor fun. 

A Note from Commandant of Cadets

Scouting at Culver dates back to the early beginnings of the scouting movement when Boy Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell visited the Academy in 1910 to advise the school on setting up a summer program based on strong principles, high moral values, service, and positive outdoor experiences. The Woodcraft Camp was born. Its first director, Daniel Beard, went on to be an early organizer of the Boy Scouts of America. Deputy Commandant and Scoutmaster Col. Foersch is an Eagle Scout and strongly supports the Scouting and Venturing programs. 

Captin Mike Neller 
Commandant of Cadets

Unique Features

Troop 209 has several unique features, one of which is our Scout to Eagle plan. The Scout to Eagle plan allows new freshman scouts to earn the rank of Eagle Scout by their senior year if they participate regularly in the troop meetings and outings and if they stay involved in scouting over their summer breaks. By offering this opportunity to new scouts we also can ensure that older, more experienced scouts get regular chances to develop and tune their skills, advance themselves, and teach the younger scouts. 

Venturing at Culver

The Venturing program is a branch of Scouting that accepts both male and female participants over 14 years old. The Venturing Crew at Culver is oriented towards high adventure activities and outdoor fun. We have many exciting trips lined up each year, including skiing, canoeing, and climbing outings. All Culver students are welcome to join the Venturing Crew for a $10 annual fee. Scouts can participate in Venturing activities at no charge with their paid registration for Troop 209.

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