Culver Academies is comprised of Culver Military Academy and Culver Girls Academy.  While the leadership opportunities are respective to each school, young men and women share the advantages of a co-educational program in most areas of school life, including classes, athletics, religious and spiritual services, and fine arts.  

From its opening in 1894, Culver Military Academy, or CMA as it is commonly referred to, has remained committed to the education of the whole person.  The traditions and rich history of Culver continue to influence how the leadership system and education in the classical virtues are taught today.  CMA’s leadership system is modeled after the military; this system provides essential and valuable leadership lessons for students.  There are many leadership opportunities available to CMA cadets within their residence halls, specifically known as barracks.  Each barrack houses a battalion or segment of a battalion, each with its own unique history, identity and personality.  The leadership system teaches cadets followership first; once they complete the new cadet system, they are then eligible to hold leadership positions.  Responsibility, accountability, service and teamwork are all bedrocks of a Culver education that will benefit each graduate in their everyday lives.  

Culver Girls Academy has continued to uphold the Culver mission by educating young women for leadership and responsible citizenship since its founding in 1971.  The CGA Prefect System is modeled after the structure used in the public schools of Great Britain and many others here in the United States.  This democratic model of governing allows girls to lead each other, to take on new responsibilities, and to be an example for their peers.  Many leadership opportunities for the students of CGA exist within each residence hall.  Much like the CMA battalions, these dormitories have their own identity, history and personality.  The dorms provide a nurturing, safe place, and a strong bond develops between the residents of each one.  As the years pass, and the girls’ understanding of the prefect system deepens, the opportunities for leadership positions increase.  Even if she chooses not to take on a leadership role, each girl plays a significant role in the dorm and CGA community by contributing in a positive manner and being an example to her peers.
The goal of the staff of both CMA and CGA is to help students realize their potential, develop their confidence in completing challenging tasks, and to teach habits of inquiry and self discipline central to an education in the classical virtues.  Each staff member of the Culver Academies strive to serve as positive role models, choosing to embrace and embody the Culver mission.

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