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Culver Academies recognizes all students have unique learning profiles, which lead them to shine and struggle in distinctive ways. We strive to meet the individual learning needs of all students, including those who have documented learning disabilities, attention deficits, and physical impairments. As students participate fully in our rigorous college preparatory curriculum, numerous indirect and direct learning support services are available to assist them. Our School Psychologist works closely with students with documented learning differences and students whose learning styles hinder their academic success. She oversees the development and implementation of individualized accommodation plans, provides academic and behavioral consultation, and makes recommendations for internal learning support services and outside psycho-educational testing. Our Director of Academic Advising also provides consultation and is the head of the Learning Support Committee. Available supports include:


Direct Service Learning Supports:


•  Academic and behavioral interventions in collaboration with instructors and counselors.
•  Classroom and testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities.
•  Standardized testing accommodations (e.g., for the ACT, SAT).
•  Academic Skills Center (ASC)
•  Writing Center
•  Tutorials in Academic Departments
•  ESOL Program and International Student Programming and Services
•  Supervised Morning and Evening Study Halls 


Indirect Learning Support Services:


•  Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, counselors, support staff, and outside professionals.
•  Development and implementation of an accommodation plan individualized to match a student’s specific learning profile based on submitted documentation of a learning disability and learning needs.
•  Recommendations for outside psycho-educational testing and related academic therapies (e.g., tutoring, occupational therapy).
•  Recommendations for placement and/or participation in available learning support programs.
•  Learning Support Committee


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Learning Support Services
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