Graduation Requirements

International Students At Culver


The Terms:

International Student: Any student who is not a citizen of the US. (Loosely this term may also refer to any student who has lived abroad or has an international family background.) This term does not relate necessarily to English language proficiency.

  • ISPC (International Student Program Coordinator): A faculty member appointed to monitor the progress of international students, to help to provide services to the international students in their academic programming needs, and to help faculty and staff who have questions concerning international students.
  • ISC (International Student Coordinator): A staff member who is the main point of contact for the visa and immigration issues for the international students at Culver.
  • ELL Student: (English Language Learner) Any student whose native language is not English and who still has any amount of limited proficiency in English. The progress of all ELL students will be monitored by the ISPC and appropriate support services will be provided to students requiring assistance.
  • ESOL Program: (English for Speakers of Other Languages): A program of instruction provided for ELL students or students with limited English proficiency. Placement in this program is based on testing. There are two levels in the ESOL program. The ESOL class is the first level for students with lower proficiency in English, and the English 1 class is for those who already have attained a higher level of proficiency in English. English 1 is designed to prepare the students to enter regular mainstream humanities classes.


Graduation Requirements for International Students:

All students who are not identified as ELL students must meet the same graduation requirements as native English speakers.
ELL students must meet the same graduation requirements as native English speakers in all areas other than –
Humanities/English - ELL students who place into ESOL or English 1 must reach a level of English proficiency that will enable them to move into and pass at least two English term courses in their senior year. Students entering as juniors and who place into the ESOL program will take the 11th grade American History class as seniors.
Foreign Language – ELL students who can clearly demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English may be exempted from the foreign language requirement. These students would be encouraged to take more courses to build their English skills.


English Class Placement and Other Relevant Information:

a. Prior to beginning their studies at Culver, all international students will be tested and assessed for proficiency in English language. Placement decisions will be made based on this testing.

b. ELL students who have completed the English 1, or ESOL and English 1 will normally advance to a regular Humanities course at the same grade level with their peers (i.e. sophomores with sophomores; juniors with juniors.) Exceptions to this policy will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the ISPC in consultation with the ESOL and English 1 teachers.

c. All international students will be strongly encouraged to enroll in English courses even after satisfying the minimum requirement for graduation.

d. ELL students who wish to attend Culver for only one year will be considered non-diploma students.

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