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  • Sick Call is held daily at Woodcraft Camp and twice daily at the main Health Center, but campers may report to the Health Center / Nurse Station at any time in case of illness, injury, or emergency. When campers visit, or when staff recommend it, they are examined as quickly as possible. You will not be notified of minor concerns. However, should campers be referred to a specialist or in the case of an emergency, every attempt is made to notify you as quickly as possible. Campers spending the night at the Health Center may call you at any time.

  • Campers may 1) see the doctor at Sick Call or 2) the nurse at any time during the day at no charge. The Tuition Account is charged for items such as medications (prescribed or over the counter), first aid supplies, supplies to treat an injury/illness, overnight stays, treatment fees, loaned equipment (crutches) that are not returned, etc. These items are not billable items to insurance policies.

  • Campers wearing glasses must place the prescription on file with the Health Center to facilitate replacement. It is advisable for those who wear glasses to have an extra pair at camp for emergencies.

  • Dental work should be completed before camp opens. Orthodontia can be made for emergency services only.

  • All medications brought to camp must be checked at the Health Center. A one-week supply of medications is given weekly to Upper Campers, who are responsible for its security and following prescription guidelines. Woodcrafters’ prescription medications will be stored and dispensed at the Dispensing Center. In all cases, counselors will attempt to remind campers to take their medications, but campers are responsible for taking their medications. Learn about CampRx on the next page.


  • International campers are required to purchase the international insurance through Culver and will be charged accordingly. Benefits will be paid for 100% of covered medical expenses (except for above usual and customary charges) up to $7,500. After the insurance company has paid $7,500, benefits will be paid for 80% of additional covered medical expenses up to $50,000. After the insurance company has paid $50,000, benefits will be paid for 100% of additional covered medical expenses up to the $250,000 maximum benefit for each injury or sickness.




  • A head lice check will be done for all girls at the Health Center table during Registration. Boys will have their heads checked at a location on the Woodcraft campus. If it is found that your child has head lice, nits or live lice, he/she will need to have proper treatment for head lice done prior to being permitted into the cabin area.

  • If lice are found, the parent/guardian will receive a lice information packet and treatment instructions. The parent/guardian will be responsible to take the child off campus and perform the treatment for head lice. Campers will not have the option of staying at the Health Center for treatment of head lice if there is a parent/guardian present with the camper at Registration.

  • Those campers who arrive at Registration without a parent/guardian will have arrangements made for lice treatment. Treatment will be coordinated at some point during the day or evening, but not during the time of Registration. This may mean that, if treatment is needed, your child will stay at the Health Center until arrangements can be made for treatment. Your child will not be permitted into the cabin area without completion of the lice treatment. Due to high volumes at Registration, the priority of the nurses is to get the campers through the registration process before lice treatments can begin.

  • To be proactive, it is a good idea to have your child's head checked by a local health care provider or a person who is qualified to look for head lice (school nurse or nurse practitioner) several times prior to arriving at camp. This is especially important if you feel that your child may be at risk for head lice (attended a prior camp, was with a relative/friend who has had head lice, had an outbreak in school, etc.) The cycle of lice can take up to two weeks. Although frequent head checks prior to camp may help in detecting an early outbreak before arrival at camp, it does not eliminate the possibility of lice being found at Registration.

  • If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Health Center at (574) 842-7800.



  • CampRx is an optional service that dispenses, prepackages and ships medications to Culver.

  • You benefit by having CampRx prepare your child’s medications and have peace of mind knowing it will be shipped to Culver ready to go.

  • Culver benefits by having your child’s doses individually packaged — each labeled with his/her information.

  • Regardless if you use CampRx, Culver’s Heath Center and Dispensing Center will continue to provide its regular services to all campers.

  • Visit or call 1-877-302-3881 for complete details.

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