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Come join us on the scenic grounds of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ Ministry Center, home of Ancilla College, for an enjoyable morning of racing for area competitors.

USAT Certified Sprint Distance Triathalon with 500 Yard Swim, 11.0 Mile Bike Ride, and 3.1 Mile Run.  Packet pick-up times is Race Day Morning from 7:00-8:30 am EDT.

2012 Lake Max Triathlon Resluts:

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Divine Intervention and Weight Watchers


By Carol Buchanan
Almost one year ago to the day I joined Weight Watchers. I decided that I had watched my weight go up long enough and now it was time to watch it go down. I had started walking with my sister about three months prior to joining Weight Watchers. I’m sure we didn’t break any land speed records on our walks. In fact, I’m sure we talked much faster than we walked BUT we were moving. Anyway, the exercise alone wasn’t helping with weight loss probably because I was eating more to compensate for the energy expended. I tend to rationalize overeating.
So, I decided that for Lent I was going to join Weight Watchers. I knew the program would work if I worked it. I was a lifetime member having reached my goal after the birth of my youngest child (decades back). I reached it AGAIN when I was fifty and now AGAIN at sixty (plus a few years). I’m counting on the cliché “third times a charm” holding true.
I know that some people think that giving up something for Lent that can bring personal gain isn’t the way to approach Lent. I think God blesses any attempt to give up a bad habit. He certainly did this for me. I could not have been successful on my own. I am a “foodie” through and through. First off, I’ve been in food service for the past thirty years; it’s my career. My favorite place to shop is the grocery store. I can browse for hours in Whole Foods. The only magazines I’ve subscribed to in the last few years have been Cooks Illustrated and Food Network. I collect cook books. I like to cook. You name it; if it’s related to food I’m in. But, I also know that prayer changes things and I prayed. I thought for a while God wanted me to stay overweight. I thought wrong.
I followed the program religiously (no pun intended) which included being persistent not perfect. WW stresses eating a variety of foods, keeping track of food eaten, drinking plenty of water and exercising. All through last winter, spring and summer I ate what was recommended, drank lots of water, tracked almost every morsel I put in my mouth and walked with my sister. At the beginning of the school year my sister and I started having difficulty getting together for our walks because of schedule conflicts. About that time Gail Busam came along and asked everyone in our department if we would join in the fitness center challenge. At first I thought it was too much of a commitment. I had tried it the year before and gave up almost as soon as I started. Gail was a true cheerleader and convinced me and several others in food service to get involved. I believe exercise has been the main reason that I have continued to lose weight. I know that the eating program that Weight Watchers recommends helps the weight to come off but the exercise makes it come off faster and keeps it off. I need both.
I don’t believe this was a coincidence. My sister and I couldn’t get together for exercise. This would have been a time that I could so easily have stopped working out. God provided another way to get me moving. When people ask me “How did you lose weight?” I say, “Divine intervention and Weight Watchers.”


From "Having" To "Wanting"


By: Kevin Danti
In December 2011, I had reached the weight of 267 pounds and my health assessment indicated several issues concerning blood pressure and cholesterol. Needless to say, I was enjoying my doughnuts and tying my shoes seemed to significantly raise my heart rate to be considered “exercise.” Given my family health history (and having a nurse as a wife), I was acutely aware that many of my poor health decisions were leading towards detrimental consequences. I reluctantly decided to “try” and address several habits, choices, and health issues as a result of conversations with close friends and family. I began exercising 30 minutes each day at the fitness center with simple goals involving my weight. I wanted to look thinner and return to a former version of myself that could still see his toes when standing up.
              Over the course of the past year, I have transitioned from “having” to workout to “wanting” to workout each day. I now enjoy the time I have set aside each day to run or lift weights and have discovered new goals with each passing month…yes I can now tie my shoes without needing rehab from Coach Cowell .   Most recently, I have begun to understand my health and wellness beyond comparisons or preconceived measurements; but rather, within the positive energy that exercise creates in all aspects of my life --mind/body/spirit. I look forward to each opportunity to explore this relationship and to utilize my time in the fitness center as a means of self-discovery.  


Three miles a day for my mother!


By Vilma Van Horn


I have been attending the classes the fitness center has to offer, since November of last year, (2011).   My reason to start was my dear mom, who passed away not long before that of lymphoma cancer. While she was sick, she wanted so bad to go for walks but was not able because where she lived in Costa Rica, the environment (roads) is not safe for walking. The road where her house is located is narrow, and very busy with cars and buses. The road doesn’t have sidewalks and there are lots of steep hills. And with her health being so bad, it was a large risk for her life.

So when she died, I realized many things I took for granted and the main one is my physical health and well being. I live in a country and a small town where it is so easy to just go for walks or runs and don’t have to deal with a lot of traffic. We have wide roads with sidewalk and no steep hills. But most importantly, we have the privilege to work in a place that allows us to use a great fitness center so we can have better health and well being.
So I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to do what my mom would have loved to do. So when I run, I do it in memory of my mother and I feel that she is running with me and keeps me running at least 3 miles a day.



Training for Half Marathon


By: Flannery Posner 

Four years ago, I decided to train for a half marathon simply to see if I could do it.  Prior to the training, I could not run more than a mile at a time. I learned a lot about myself by training for the half.  I learned that I had been trying to run too fast which is why I couldn't run very far, and I also learned that I was tougher than I had ever given myself credit for.  That training period fostered my love of running.  After having my son in 2011, I had to basically start my cardiovascular training from square one, but I found that my toughness had stayed with me. I started slowly by walking every day with Mikey.  Once Mikey was old enough, I put him in the jogging stroller to go for short jogs. When I finally got my stride back, I felt that same need for a challenge that I had four years ago, and decided to train for a half marathon again.  I have to get up early everyday to train, but I find that I'm a better mom and person when I've made some time each day to do something good for myself.  I want to set a good example for Mikey for a healthy life, and I want to take good care of myself so I can always keep up with him! When I (hopefully) cross that finish line on November 3rd, all of the early mornings and long, tough runs will be worth it!



Moving Forward

By Doug Haberland

With age, I have come to realize that exercise doesn’t happen naturally for me anymore. It is something that I have to work at, but I don’t. I know all the health benefits, but yet seemed to be trapped in a sedentary lifestyle. I’m overweight, out of shape, and I don’t like it. So, I am “saddling up” and taking a trip through the Black Hills. Since I lack motivation, I am using my interest in the Old West and a book, “Exploring with Custer,” to retrace the 833-mile, two-month expedition that George Custer and the 7th Cavalry took into the Black Hills in 1874. I’ll be following the same route, re-reading the book as I go, and tracking my progress. Who knows? I may find gold!

P.S. The expedition, of course, was done on horseback – so I don’t expect to match Custer’s daily progress.




Hockey player turning into a runner! (It is possible TRUST ME)


By Ashley Paulson

I will be running my first half-marathon April 28th in Nashville with a bunch of seasonal runners and I couldn't be more excited!  I set a goal for myself this year to transition from a hockey player who is built to go for 30 seconds and get hit A LOT into a lean mean running machine! My training has been a challenge for me since at the beginning of the year I could only run 10 minutes and get bored or tired to now being able to run 1 hour with no problem and enjoying it!  I have to credit my success to the running group and Dana Neer here at Culver.  Without all the support from that group I might still be running 10 minutes and calling it a quits!  I’m looking forward to seeing my race time at the finish line and being able to say I completed a half-marathon and didn’t die!

Hockey player to Runner! COMPLETED!

Today is Monday morning and my legs are fully functional today! I completed my first half-marathon on Saturday in Nashville! Let me tell you Nashville is a hilly city and a hot one! I had an awesome time even though I saw more hills than I wanted and experienced 80 degree heat when this northerner is used to 50 degrees right now. Now to the running! This race was huge! 30,000 people and the start line just looked like a sea of people! I felt pretty good until mile 9 when the hills and the heat got the best of me and I had to slow down to just keep going.  My time was 2 hours 25 minutes and that was slower than I wanted (which means I HAVE to do another one to get under 2 hours!) but I’m just glad I finished and didn’t pass out! I’m happy to cross this one off my bucket list and move onto my Tough Mudder training!





Pilot News, February 11, 2012 : "Everybody wins" - Community emphasized in 2012 Lake Max Triathlon. By Jeff Kenney

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