CMA/CGA Parents

Parents of students in CGA and CMA have several payment options available to them for tuition and fees. These options include a check drawn on a US bank, wire transfer Discover, Mastercard, American Express, a monthly payment plan managed by Tuition Management Systems or an educational loan provided through Your Tuition Solution.  ACH Transfers are not accepted at this time.  Wire transfer instructions may be obtained by logging into the parent portal or by contacting Student Accounts,  

Student Money Management Solution
Prepaid Tuition Program
Student Debit Account
Tuition Amounts and Deadlines


Student Money Management Solution


Culver Academies has partnered with 1st Source Bank to offer an optional full solution for student spending money. 1st Source Bank offers a FREE checking account with no minimum balance, FREE online banking, and a Resource Plus Card that can be used to make deposits or withdrawals from the campus ATM or as a debit card anywhere, on or off campus, you see a Mastercard or NYCE logo. On-campus locations where the card may be used to make purchases are the Bookstore, Snack Bar, or Uniform Shop. 

Parents will have online access to the account in order to review account activity and may replenish the account via ACH, money wire, or check. Enrollment kits will be available through online registration.  The kit must be printed, completed and returned directly to 1st Source Bank. Bank personnel will be on campus during registration to distribute account materials and answer any questions. Meanwhile any questions may be directed to Stacie Mills at or or call (800)513-2360 or (574)223-4307.

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An automatic teller machine from 1st Source Bank is located on campus in the Student Center next to the Campus Store. Any student with a major bank card or a 1st Source Bank Resource Plus Card may use the ATM, but, he or she must have a pin number.

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Prepaid Tuition Program


Culver has a program for those parents, grandparents, guardians, or anyone else who wishes to prepay winter school tuition for one or multiple years. Any questions surrounding this new program should be directed to the Accounting Supervisor of The Culver Educational Foundation by calling (574)842-8221.

Quite simply, any student who does not receive any tuition financial aid or merit scholarship from Culver is eligible for this program. Similar to prepaid tuition plans at colleges and universities, the program allows anyone to prepay one or any number of years of tuition for a student. Please understand that taking advantage of this program does not guarantee the child’s acceptance by Culver Academies. Acceptance can only be authorized by the Boarding School Admissions Office.

The highlights of the program are as follows:

  1. Only a full year of tuition can be prepaid - not a portion of a full year
  2. Discounts cannot reduce the tuition prepayment amount 
  3. No portion of the amount of prepaid tuition is considered a gift to The Culver Educational Foundation and no tax receipt will be given
  4. Current boarding or day tuition amounts can be locked-in with no risk of future tuition increases
  5. November 1st of each year is the deadline for receipt of funds for subsequent years’ tuition
  6. Acknowledgement of funds will be sent via email or US mail
  7. If the child you have designated for the prepaid funds does not attend Culver, you have several options:
    1. The prepaid tuition can be transferred to another Culver student
    2. The prepaid amount can be refunded to you
    3. The prepaid amount can be converted to a bona-fide gift to The Culver Educational Foundation, at which time a tax receipt will be given

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Student Debit Account


Students entering CMA and CGA have the option of opening a 1st Source Student Debit account. Culver Academies encourages parents to consider this option to avoid sending their child to Culver with cash. If you do choose to open the account for your student, he/she will be given a debit card that is accepted on campus and at off-campus businesses.

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Tuition Amounts and Deadlines

2015-16 School Year Boarding Tuition Day Tuition
Deposit with Enrollment
(due April 10)
$2,000 $2,000
Tuition/Room & Board Payment
(due August 1)
$42,500 $32,500
 Total: $44,500  $34,500 


Uniform/Wardrobe Costs

Listed below is an approximate cost of required uniform/wardrobe items for new CMA and CGA students.   Uniforms will be purchased from the Uniform Department on move in day.

Add $625 for Black Horse Troop (boys) clothing/equipment
Add $425 for Equitation (girls) clothing/equipment

Culver Military Academy (CMA) $2,300
Culver Girls Academy (CGA) $1,200


Optional Instruction

Black Horse Troop (CMA)
(Billed $1,100 per term)
Equitation (CGA)
(Billed $1,100 per term)
Private Music Lessons $330/term


Other Potential Requirements


International Health Insurance, if required $1,870 per year




A tuition refund plan, funded entirely by Culver, will refund in full all payments of tuition (Boarding $21,250/Day $16,250) for terms 3 and 4 for students who withdraw or are dismissed during terms 1 or 2.  Billing accounts will remain open for 30 days after a student withdraws or graduates from Culver Academies.  Credit balances on student accounts are refunded via wire transfer or check within 30-45 days following withdrawal or graduation.  U.S. Patrons will receive a refund check valid for 90 days. 

Parents/Guardians outside the U.S. will receive a statement with the amount of credit owed and a request to contact our Accounting department with bank information.  If your account remains dormant after one year, the credit balance will automatically be considered a donation to the school.  A gift receipt will be mailed to the last know address available.  Questions regarding refunds may be directed to   


Applying to Culver

For more information on admission to Culver or to apply now, please visit our Admissions Office.

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