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Notable Alumni

From A to Z, from Aviation pioneers to Zorro’s courageous sidekick (in a movie!), Culver’s alumni have made their mark on the world around them.

In the arts, Culver’s alumni actors have graced the silver screen in familiar roles ranging from Friar Tuck in the classic The Adventures of Robin Hood to Fray Felipe in The Mark of Zorro to Deep Throat in All the President’s Men. One notable graduate directed and produced famed Broadway productions and motion pictures and was the co-writer of the Pulitzer Prize-winning South Pacific; another became a famed movie critic.

In the service of their country, Culver alumni answered to the call of duty to serve in the armed forces of the United States. Five earned the Medal of Honor. A Culver graduate, military officer and aviation pioneer started the nation’s airmail service (and that is only a small part of his story).

In the field of business, Culver graduates have served as leaders of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, from the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines to one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

In the wide world of sports, Culver graduates have owned major league baseball teams, National Football League teams, and automobile racing teams. On the field and on the ice and even on the sea, they have won championships, trophies and medals.

In other words, Culver’s graduates became academics and authors, athletes and actors, soldiers and generals, surgeons and scientists, writers and journalists, editors and publishers, bankers and financiers, and businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Take a glance through this growing list of noteworthy Culver alumni who learned valuable lessons of leadership during their school days at Culver -- and went on to lives of high achievement.

Notable Alumni

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