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There is nothing quite like Culver Academies in the world. A preparatory boarding school with cutting edge academic programs, excellent athletic teams, almost limitless opportunities in the Arts, competitive academic teams ranging from Speech to Quiz Bowl, to its own Black Horse Troop and a summer program that teaches leadership to nearly 1400 children from all over the world. Culver provides arguably the best whole person education school in the country and is one of the only schools nationwide to offer an intentional and differentiated leadership program for its young women and young men. Culver embodies an exciting combination of inspirational tradition and inspiring innovation in its programs and its governing philosophy. Culver presents its students and faculty with an enticing contradiction of “old school, new school” programs. 

When the most thoughtful educators sit together to discuss the qualities necessary for success in today’s complicated and challenging world, they end up describing Culver: Excellent role models, a clear mission, an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, an intentional leadership curriculum, and a healthy emphasis on developing integrity. Culver has been in this same business for over a century, and its graduates speak volumes for the success of its program.

And to think we almost missed out on the chance to know that such a place existed. After 30 years at a New England boarding school, we never had seriously considered looking at a "military school" in the Midwest. If we had had the chance to view this website, our decision would have been immediate, and positive.

We trust you will take time to learn about Culver and determine whether this might be the place for you. We believe you will be impressed by what you learn about Culver. Thank you for visiting our school.

Head of Schools

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