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Culver educates its students for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual - mind, spirit, and body - through integrated programs that emphasize the cultivation of character.

Mind, Spirit, and Body 


Every school claims to educate the whole person, and some actually do; but in a limited way. At Culver, however, we are not content just to offer challenging programs in our classrooms and on the athletic fields and a strong sense of community, and call that whole person education.  We are actually committed to providing intentional programs and opportunities for our students to learn about learning, to understand what wellness in their lives looks like lived, and what it means to reflect on the awesomeness of this world. 

Culver actually creates opportunities for students to practice critical thinking and problem-solving, and to achieve "deep understanding" in their search for intellectual development.  Culver offers an integrated wellness program to help students and faculty understand and practice healthy lifestyles, and our wellness outreach captures the best thinking of our Dining Services, our Residential Life staff, and our fitness and athletic programs.  Our commitment to spiritual development includes required weekly religious services for a variety of faith traditions, opportunities for directed worship, and program offerings in comparative religion and world spirituality.  And all of this happens in the context of a community that believes in educating its students in the virtues of wisdom, justice, courage, and moderation. These are appropriate guideposts for navigating today's challenges, and they apply directly to our definition of a whole person. 

Culver's philosophy is embodied in its Honor Code, its student leadership systems, and Ethics and Service-Learning requirements for graduation.  All of these programs instruct and remind our students of the importance of being ready and able to care for themselves, to treat others well, and do the right thing always.  We have high ideals and equally high expectations.  This is what makes the Culver experience so challenging and so rewarding at the same time.  Culver students are doers; they are achievers; and they are willing to participate fully in the life that is Culver. 

Culver's graduates believe that their Culver experience stays with them forever and serves them well in their roles as leaders in society.  Whole person education at Culver is a commitment, not educational jargon.

John & Pam Buxton
Head of Schools

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