C-Team Boys Soccer

Soccer is a long-running sport at Culver. It began in 1963 as Indiana's first High School team, playing Argos Highs School 5 times that season, going 4-0-1. Each year brought new teams to the schedule as soccer gained a foothold in the state. Some of those early oppnonents included the Howe Military Academy, La Lumiere, the Notre Dame freshman team, Earlham College JV, and the Divine Heart Seminary. In the early '70's, the season expanded to16 games, and CMA became one of the founding members of the Northern Indiana Soccer Conference, which included teams from Bethany Christian and Argos, among others. The conference members still compete today, with Trinity,  Lakeland Christian and Elkhart Christian rounding out the group of 6.

Since those early years, the soccer program has flourished and become one of the premier programs in the state. The Fall of 1976 found Culver competing in their first of 10 State finals. In 1979 and in the '80's and '90 the teams competed in 8 more Semifinal matches. Along the way there have been 10 Conference titles, 17 Sectional Titles, and 10 Regional Titles to go along with those 10 Final Four appearances.  Culver has had players reach the highest levels of the professional and national ranks, as well as numerous All Conference, District, and State recipients. We invite you to search through the website (archive link) for more information on each of the 52 years of CMA soccer. 


# Name Position Ht/Wt Grade Hometown
1 Michael Wright G 6'0"/165 12 South Bend,IN
2 Jackson Badalich D 6'0/160 10 Plymouth, IN
3 Erik Ellison M 5'4"/125 11 Green Bay, WI
4 Ethan Barangan D/M 5'8"/170 11 Plainfield, IL
5 Henry Chandler D 5'9"/145 10 Columbus, OH
6 Benjamin Marquis D 5'11/180 10 Dayton, OH
7 William Wakeland F 5'11"/150 11 Austin, TX
8 Patrick Kline M 5'7/128 11 Culver, IN
9 Theodore Batson D 6'0"/170 11 Hagerstown, MD
10 Daniel Pumarejo Manzur M 5'7"/140 10 Queretaro, Mexico
11 Jesus Palazuelos F 5'8/142 12 Culiacan, Mexico
12 Charles Cain F 5'10"/150 12 AbuDhabi, UAE
13 Andrew Terhune M 6'0"/140 11 Novi, MI
14 Ahmed Kadous F 6'2"/195 10 Cairo, Egypt
15 Marc Yanez M 5'7"/135  10 Chicago, IL
16 Jacob Mozer M 5'6/135 11 Troy, OH
17 Carlo Prandini Johnson F 5'7/145 12 Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
18 Thomas Green M 5'7"/150 10 Walkerton, IN
19 Rory Sever D 5'9"/155  10 Newport Beach, CA
20 Declan Carlile D 6'0"/185 11 Brighton, MI
21 Carson Meiser M 5'9"/140 9 South Bend,IN
22 Alexander Farmer D 6"0"/175 10 Argos, IN
23 Dante Dalmaso D 5'7"/140 10 Wheaton, IL
26 Henry Zehner G 6'1"/155 11 San Fransico, CA
  Chima Ndukwu Manager   12